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Which nonstick pan you use for cooking?

It is not a cooking post today but something I would like to discuss and get your views on. Last few days I have been searching the Internet on a number of phrases like “which is the best pan to cook?”, “what material a cooking pan should be made of?”, “Is ceramic coating non toxic?”.


I couldn’t get a definite answer to my questions and thought this would be the right forum to ask these questions.

Some of my pans/skillets have worn out and I am planning to buy some good quality and long lasting ones. I got a few the last time I visited India, they are hard anodized interior pans and a iron skillet. I have been using them for last few months and they are good but NOT non stick.

I am looking for something which has nonstick surface and the same time NON TOXIC!! I know, each of us try and search for healthy options when it comes to everyday cooking and when its a nonstick surface its less amount of oil.

Few findings:

1. Ceramic is better than Teflon coating but some ceramic coatings do have lead content.

2. Enameled iron coating are as good as nonstick but then you cannot cook in them all the time because iron leeches into the food.

Now I want your take on this and suggestions?