Food has always attracted me and been away from home for years for my studies and work taught me the importance of good home made food. Food makes me happy. I have named by blog "KonkanFood", I come from the konkan region of India and my food is majorly influenced by this region. I love eating and like to incorporate the delicious dishes I come across in my day to day life.

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Avocado Healthy Shake

Lately I have been hooked on this fruit and just love the soft and creamy texture. And supposedly to be very healthy. This is of the best shakes I have had. Made it with no sugar or cream. I have tried my best to make it tasty, delicious and successfully accomplished.



Here is it how I made it


2 medium sized avocados

4 tbsp whole yogurt

1 glass of whole milk

6 tbsp honey



1.Cut avocados in small pieces and put it in food processor, ground into a fine paste then add in the yogurt and pulse it.It should be like a thick paste.

2. Add in the milk and process it.

3.Pour the shake in glass and stir in honey as required.


Note: This recipe will give 2 glasses of a healthy shake. You could also add maple syrup or agave instead of honey.

Whole yogurt and avocado gives the thick consistency, you can adjust this as per your choice.