Food has always attracted me and been away from home for years for my studies and work taught me the importance of good home made food. Food makes me happy. I have named by blog "KonkanFood", I come from the konkan region of India and my food is majorly influenced by this region. I love eating and like to incorporate the delicious dishes I come across in my day to day life.


My father has been a inspiration for me, his love for food and cooking has unknowingly had a profound effect on me. Whenever I think about my childhood, it was him you prepared snacks and bhajiyas(fritters) for us. An upcoming festival or a lazy sunday evening, my father cooked for all of us.

I miss him a lot, there is no single day that passes without thinking about him. He is no longer with us.

I dedicate this site to him. It is because of him that I am here, my interest for cooking.The essence of food and how it uplifts and takes me to this whole different level. I feel happy and its my passion now.



Do let me know your thoughts

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